Final Blog Assignment

25 May

Our final unit has dealt with the media and explored how a few large corporations have the power to exercise significant control over what we see and how we see it.

In a well-developed paragraph (topic sentence, transitions, concluding sentence), respond to one of the following questions. You should use examples from one or more of the following texts in your response: “A Television Drama,” Bowling for Columbine, Miss Representation, and The Corporation.”

  1. How does the news media create fear in its audiences?
  2. To what extent does the news media keep us informed? To what extent are we deliberately kept misinformed?

Messages in Advertising

23 May

Canadian media powerpoint

17 May


Blog assignment #9 Canadian Advertising Standards

7 May

Advertising in Canada is overseen by Advertising Standards Canada, a self-governing body of advertisers who created the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards to “set the criteria for acceptable advertising that is truthful, fair and accurate.”

Read the 14 clauses of the code here:

For this week’s blog assignment, find an ad that you think might be in violation of one or more of the 14 clauses. For example, Is the ad truthful? Accurate? Does it represent women or other minorities fairly? Give reasons for your answer. How might different audiences interpret this ad? Be sure to include the ad as part of your blog entry.

Blog Assignment #8 – Comparing Canadian and American Crime Dramas

30 Apr

Your task for this assignment is to compare the episode of “Flashpoint” we watched in class to an episode of “NYC 22.” You should start with some basic similarities and differences (eg setting, plot elements, main characters, etc) and then go into a comparison of one point more specifically. This point should be chosen from the list of eight things to consider you received in class. You may focus on the same point you analyzed with your group in class, or you may choose a different topic to focus on. Finally, you should give an overall assessment of the two programs, and indicate whether or not you think a show like “Flashpoint” can compare in quality to an American-produced crime drama. You may also wish to discuss if “Flashpoint” helps to create or reflect Canadian identity and culture.

“Beers and Weirs” Blog assignment #7

10 Apr

Compare this text to a drug/alcohol PSA aimed at teenagers. How does the text you found convey its message to teens? Consider media techniques like music, colour, lighting, camera angles/movement, images, dialogue. What tone does the text take? (For example, it could be serious, didactic, humourous, emotional, etc.)  How does the text portray teens? (Responsible, naive, immature, etc?) Does it speak at them or to them?

Here are some drug/alchohol PSAs:






Teen Representation on TV – Blog assignment #6

26 Mar

Your blog assignment for this week is to compare your life to the life of a teenager portrayed on television. Consider the following questions:

1. What are the personality traits of TV teen and how do they compare to your own personality traits?

2. What are TV teen’s parents/siblings like and how do they compare to your own parents/siblings?

3. What is TV teen’s school like and how does it compare to YM?

4. Who are TV teen’s friends and how do they compare to your own friends?

5. What issues does TV teen face and how do they compare with the issues you usually face? How are his/her issues usually resolved? How are your issues usually resolved?

6. What are the major differences between your life and the life of TV teen?

7. What stereotypes does TV teen portray? What stereotypes does TV teen break?

8. If you could live the life of TV teen, would you? Why or why not?